The Iconic Tote, an evolution

950 original stitches, 356 patented knots, authentic, soft leather. The timeless design of the original Tote bag signified the birth of Callista Crafts as a brand founded on elegance, versatility and quality. The design and development of the iconic Tote Bag gave room to Callista for an exploration of the traditional techniques of fine craftsmanship, reflecting Greece’s ancient heritage through modern design sensibilities. With trials and time, unconfined to a particular style or trend, the original handbag has now become the pillar of the brand. The evolution of the Tote is met with different handpicked colors and embellished details every season, whilst always preserving the authentic character of its original form.

Authentic, Timeless, Elegant, Bespoke

The Art
of Craftsmanship

Respecting age-old techniques, each Callista Crafts item is a manifestation of passion for the art of leather craftsmanship that inspires, refines expertise and is integral to the brand’s business model. Preserving the valued techniques learnt and passed down through generations, building a legacy of fine craftsmanship is at the core of the brand. From sourcing the finest quality Italian leathers to crafting each product with extraordinary attention to detail in the atelier, every unique design has its own, artisanal story.

Each piece of leather is handled delicately, and stealthily cut by hand to ensure utmost respect for the material. Highly skilled craftswomen hand-stitch them in Callista’s Athens headquarters. As every single leather panel is hand- sewn to its match, the bag begins to materialise, one stitch at a time. With rigorous attention, a piercing needle is worked in and out of the supple leather corners, to achieve each signature stitch. Then, it is embellished with over three hours of signature hand stitching and weaved details. The weaved top handle of the iconic Tote is made of 12m of leather cord per handle, and is hand-knotted all over its length. Newest additions to the collection involve hand-stitching chain through the leather, which is a highly demanding procedure that requires impeccable expertise. These handcrafted details are Callista’s blueprint. It is with relentless precision and immaculate finesse that each design is created, in an ethical and sustainable manner, unaffected by seasonality and trends.

The brand has evolved into a symbiosis of impeccable design and authentic artisanship. With unparalleled craftsmanship apparent in each handle and binding, and the defined presence of traditional techniques, Callista Crafts strives to design immaculate accessories, epitomizing the innate tranquility, balance and simplicity found in nature.

The uniqueness
of leather

Since inception, the brand’s vision has always been to respect the nature of the raw materials used and to source 100% genuine fine leathers, a living, breathing material that ages beautifully. Each piece of leather is selected to ensure the soft, supple and organic texture of the final product throughout its lifetime. This is the canvas on which each Callista Crafts design evolves into a precious item nurtured and shaped into an unprecedented form of handcrafted heritage, contributing to the brand’s unique character.

Each piece of leather is handled delicately, and with respect. Any visible, inherent irregularities ensure its premium quality and unique character. As the leather breathes and evolves with time and attention, each bag develops its own distinct charm. From shades of gray to ranges of blue and green, coral and yellow, black and white, each colour makes the choice of leather more alluring and diversified, while Callista’s laser printouts cut in crisp, minimal lines, counteract its buttery soft look and feel.

The company strives to source the highest quality leathers from Italian manufacturers that operate a reliable and transparent production chain. Each piece is assembled and put together by hand in the brand’s Athens atelier, minimising waste and supporting a clear, ethical production.

and invention

Since day one, conception, design and development are housed in Callista Crafts’ Athens headquarters where a skilled team of women artisans is empowered to create, support each-other and evolve as individuals as well as a team. This is a business that aims to inspire its community, proudly trusting all the women who paved the way until today. An edifice hosting the offices together with the workshop creates a free, communicative structure that encourages teamwork and creative flow, giving life to the brand and its vision.

1,30 sq meters of leather. 356 knots, 950 stitches. 84 m of waxed thread, 24 m of leather cord. 3hrs minimum of handwork, 0,33 hrs of quality control. This is what it takes for every Callista Crafts item to be ready to leave the brand’s headquarters and reach its owner.