A success story told through unique craftsmanship, translating tradition into fresh fashion must-haves, while supporting individuality, empowerment and sustainability.

why callista became a success story? sustainability / women empowerment / vision


Tradition and Ethos

A nurturing community supporting individual growth and teamwork, this is a brand focusing on the sustainability and endurance of ethical fashion.


Empowerment through creativity

Spawning from a desire to overcome adversity, the brand respects and supports women artisans, sharing its vision and growth with all male team members.

Year 2020 in figures


An impressive roaster of talents and established household names have teamed up with Callista, honoring the brand and sealing its position in the realm of high fashion.


More than 10,000 handcrafted fashion items are created each year with love, to be distributed to 50 selling points in 8 counties around the globe.

A close look inside the creative proccess of Callista crafts